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  • Extract (Liquid)

  • Fruit Oil

  • Granule

  • Juice (Aseptic, Clear, Seedless, Seeded)

  • Juice Concentrate (Aseptic, Seedless)

  • Liquor

  • Powder

  • Pulp (Oil, Flavone Powder)

  • Puree (Seeded, Seedless, Aseptic)

  • Seed (Oil, Powder)

Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn

The female plants produce orange berries 6-9 mm in diameter, soft and juicy, and rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and oils.

Nutrient and phytochemical constituents of Sea Buckthorn berries, particularly oils, have exceptional properties as antioxidants possibly relevant to inhibiting inflammatory disorders and cancer. Recently, Sea Buckthorn has been used as an ingredient in several commercially available cosmetic products and nutritional supplements.

Sea Buckthorn berries are multipurposed, edible and nutritious, though very acidic and astringent, unpleasant to eat raw, unless 'bletted' (frosted to reduce the astringency) and/or mixed as a juice with sweeter substances such as apple juice or grape juice. They can also be used to make pies or jam. The fat sources are used for cosmetic purposes, such as skin creams and liniments.


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