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About Us

Fruit-ING is a production facility in Indonesia focusing on processed fruit and related items for the beverage, dairy, health and functional product industries. The company operates as a joint Venture facility comprised of, Inc., a New York based firm historically involved in trading and investing in processed bulk fruit products, and a respected local Indonesian partner, P.T. Buana Tirta Utama, focusing upon co-packing for important local requirements. The plant is based in East Java, where IngredienTrade’s Indonesian branch office is also located.



Equipped by the joint venture partners with decades of industry know-how and the latest technology, the Fruit-ING operation is set to manufacture high quality Tropical Fruits, Pulps, Juices and Frozen Products, according to U.S., European and Japanese standards. We are experienced in tailor- made functional fruit and vegetable products, as well as standard products, all of which are 100% natural and made from the freshest raw material possible, with careful attention to environmental concerns.


With our contracted plantations in the country, Fruit-ING employs qualified Food Technologists and Agronomic Engineers to ensure that only the highest grade natural fruit and vegetable crops, comprised of selected varieties attuned to market needs, are grown and harvested for our production. From soil and climate analysis, to bulk packaging and seamless logistics, we monitor every step along our products’ journey in order to ensure that only the best is delivered each and every time.

PT Fruit-ING

Our Certifications and Standards

Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to deliver according to the highest quality standards. 

FSSC ISO 22000-1

Kosher Certificate

Halal Certificate

HACPP System

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