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Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) fruit is a large globose berry, 4-8 cm in diameter, very much resembling a smooth-skinned potato and containing 2-10 seeds. Inside, its flesh ranges from a pale yellow to an earthy brown color with a grainy texture akin to that of a well-ripened pear.

The flavor is exceptionally sweet and very tasty. The fruit's flavor has been compared to cotton candy or caramel. The fruit has a high latex content and does not ripen until picked. Some are round and some are oval with pointed ends.

The ripe Sapodilla is an ideal dessert fruit as the skin, which is not eaten, remains firm enough to serve as a "shell". The flesh, of course, may be scooped out and added to fruit cups or salads. A dessert sauce is made by peeling and seeding ripe Sapodillas, pressing the flesh through a colander, adding orange juice, and topping with whipped cream. Sapodilla flesh may also be blended into an egg custard mix before baking.


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