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  • Juice (Acidified)

  • Puree

  • Juice Concentrate (Aseptic, Frozen)

  • Powder

  • Extract

Red Beet

Red Beet

"Beet (Beta vulgaris), any of the four cultivated forms of the plantBeta vulgaris (family Amaranthaceae), grown for their edibleleaves and roots. Each of the four distinct types of B. vulgaris is used differently: (1) the common garden beet (also called beetroot or table beet) is cultivated as a garden vegetable; (2) Swiss chard (also calledleaf beet or silver beet) is grown for its nutrient-rich leaves; (3) the sugar beet is commercially important as a major source of sugar; and (4)mangel-wurzel, or mangold, is a succulent feed for livestock."

-Encyclopaedia Britannica


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