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​  Presentations

  • White/Yellow

  • Aroma

  • Dices (in Juice/Syrup)

  • Freeze Dried

  • Filling

  • IQF (Diced, Sliced, Chunks)

  • Juice Concentrate (Clear)

  • Pulp (Aseptic)

  • Puree (Aseptic, SS)

  • Puree Concentrate (Aseptic)



Cultivated peaches are divided into "freestone" and "clingstone" cultivars, depending on whether the flesh sticks to the stone or not; both kinds can have either white or yellow flesh.

Peaches with white flesh typically are very sweet with little acidity, while yellow-fleshed peaches typically have an acidic tang coupled with sweetness, though this also varies greatly. Both colors often have some red on their skin.


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