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Noni (Morinda)

Noni (Morinda)

Morinda citrifolia, commonly known as Great Morinda, Tahitian Noni, or since recently: Noni,  the fruit is a multiple fruit that has a pungent odor when ripening, and is hence also known as cheese fruit or even vomit fruit. It is oval and reaches 4-7 cm in size. At first green, Noni turns yellow then almost white as it ripens. Despite its strong smell and bitter taste, the fruit is nevertheless eaten as a famine food and, in some Pacific islands, even a staple food, either raw or cooked.

Scientific studies have investigated Noni's effect on the growth of cancerous tissue. One such study found that Noni inhibited and reduced growth of the capillary vessels sprouting from human breast tumor explants and, at increased concentrations, Noni caused existing vessels to rapidly degenerate.


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