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​  Presentations

  • Key/ Persian/ Green

  • Granules

  • IQF (Peel Strips, Leaves)

  • Juice (Single Strength, Aseptic, Clarified)

  • Juice Concentrate (Clarified, Cloudy)

  • Oil (Cold pressed, Distilled)

  • Pieces

  • Pulp Cells

  • Pulp Concentrate

  • Puree

  • Shell

  • Skin Milled



Limes are small, oval citrus fruits with porous and smooth skin. Lime color ranges from light to medium green, sometimes with a slight yellow cast. The flowers are small and white and the fruit about half the size of a lemon, with a smoother, thinner rind, having a greenish tinge in its yellow.

The juice is principally used in the manufacture of citric acid, and for medicinal purposes is often used indiscriminately with that of the lemon. Lime oil is often used for flavoring purposes, especially in mineral waters and artificial lime-juice cordials, consisting of sweetened solutions of tartaric acid.


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