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​  Presentations

  • Liquid Extract

  • Powder (Freeze Dried, Spray Dried)

  • Pulp (Unripe)

Genipa Americana (Huito/Jagua)

Genipa Americana (Huito/Jagua)

Genipa Americana (Huito or Jagua) is a species of Genipa, native to northern South America (south to Peru), the Caribbean and southern Mexico, growing in rainforests.

Genipa Americana is cultivated for its edible fruit, which are made into drinks, jelly, sherbet and as an ingredient for ice cream. The ripened fruit of Huito is often eaten raw or made into jam. The fruit is brewed into tea and taken as a remedy for bronchitis.

The juice of the immature fruit is clear, but induces a chemical reaction on the human skin resulting in a nice tattoo-like dark blue. It is commonly used by rainforest natives as body-painting color.


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