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  • White/Red

  • Chunks

  • Extract

  • IQF (Dices)

  • Juice Concentrate (Clarified, Aseptic)

  • Puree (Seedless, Seeded, Aseptic)

  • Pulp (Seedless)

Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya)

Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya)

Dragon Fruit is also known as pitahaya, pitaya, or Strawberry Pear - it is the fruit of several cactus species, especially of the genus Hylocereus, but also see Stenocereus. The fruit is a fleshy berry, oblong in shape and about 4.5 inches thick with red or yellow skin. The flesh of the fruit may be white, yellow or red depending on the species.

Because this is a fruit of a Cactus, it contains a lot of water. Due to its neutral flavor, the juice of the red variety is often used as a colorant because of its fantastic red-pink color.


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