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​  Presentations

  • Essence

  • IQF

  • Juice (SS, Cloudy)

  • Juice Concentrate (Sweet, Sour, Aseptic, Clear)

  • Puree (SS)



Cherry fruits are roughly round with a depression at apex (top) of the fruit. Its skin is smooth and shiny and usually ranges from pale to very dark red, although yellow and white cultivars exist. Sweet and sour cherries are the two common types of cherries.

The Flavonoids (specifically, Anthocyanidins and Proanthocyanidins) found in Cherries act as Antioxidants in the body, scavenging and destroying altered oxygen compounds called free radicals. Flavonoids, such as those found in cherries, are also natural anti-inflammatory compounds, preventing both the synthesis and release of inflammation-promoting substances such as Histamine.


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